Wholeness from Brokenness

Introduction: The first set of the Ten Commandments was broken. The way to wholeness is through brokenness. Brokenness can make us better, not bitter. Brokenness can develop us, not defeat us.

i.e. Jesus, Bill Lee

The second set of the Ten Commandments was put in the ark of the covenant alongside with the first set.

Two of God's greatest gifts were given at Pentecost. The Word (Torah) and the Holy Spirit

Acts 2:1-4(NIV) Acts 2 is a reenactment of what happened at Mount Sinai.

Christ means the anointed One. The anointing is for the king, the priests, and the prophets.

Jesus anointed you and me.(Acts 1:4-5) The Spirit was given not to a few selected individuals but to all followers of Jesus. That means that you have been both anointed and appointed by the Spirit to serve the Lord.

i.e.Oscar Osorio in the book of The Lord of Bellavista

Application: Luke 12:29-31

Any good examples to share in our life?